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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  February 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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it's so peaceful! so peaceful! call citizens bank at 1-866-999-0218 or visit missing and in danger. we are live with the search extending from delaware to new jersey and beyond. the fire is out but the problems from this oil tanker crash are not over. we're helping you get over the traffic trouble many of you face this morning. and get ready for a record cold day. it is a frigid morning, 10 degrees. but the good news is you won't be hit with bitter cold winds when you step outside. we are looking for a silver lining. we'll get to the forecast in a minute but we begin with breaking news we are following this morning. >> police continue to look for the missing 3-year-old girl from delaware. police believe her life is in
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imminent danger. the girl was taken from her home in new castle. police believe at the time they were headed to new jersey or new york city. we are getting new information just in on this. matt delucia is live in new castle county where this started a few hours ago. matt? >> reporter: we have just learned that this amber alert has extended to ohio as well. so just down the road from where we are we are in a development along stockton road. just behind me, there is some police activity out here right now. officers are not saying if this is a solid lead at this point, but police have been talking to people in the area and shining lights on the home just looking around. here's what we know around 6:45 last night new castle county police were called to a domestic incident in the 800 block of east basin road near the
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schoolside apartments. the woman there said her ex-boyfriend came to the home attacked her and left with their 3-year-old daughter. this is the man, we have a picture of him, 39-year-old michael trotta described as 160 pounds in all black clothing. the girl her name is elinor and was wearing a purple puffy coat pink pants and frozen sneakers. they were last seen in a gray 1989 mazda 626 with delaware tags 247475. so now the amber alert is in effect for pennsylvania new jersey and ohio. police believe he's headed to new york with friends and relatives there. and they believe this girl is in imminent danger. they have been working all night trying to find leads to try to find this 3-year-old girl. live in new castle matt delucia, "nbc 10 news."
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we'll continue to get new information into our newsroom and keep you posted on air and on the "nbc 10 news" app. now to the other big story this morning, the record cold outside again. >> yes, some of you have already set new records this morning. record lows now. that's why nbc 10 issued a first alert weather day because of the dangers this poses for anyone outside too long. we'll go to meteorologist bill henley with temperatures really falling overnight. >> 25 to 30 degrees colder than yesterday at this time and still falling at this hour. there's not much wind and that will allow temperatures to go lower than they would otherwise. a bit of wind will allow mixing in the atmosphere which tends to keep temperatures higher. for now, they are still falling. in philadelphia, 10 degrees right now. but much of the area is below that mark. 7 in northeast philadelphia. trenton at 4. look at pottstown at 1. reading and allentown have new record lows. reading is 1 degree. 1 below zero in allentown. so standby for a frigid day.
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6 degrees at 6:00. 11 degrees at 9:00. and at lunchtime 19 degrees and climbing. we'll look how warm it will get neighborhood by neighborhood with the future weather when i'm back in ten. aside from the problems that cold weather creates, commuters can take the betsy ross bridge to encounter another issue today. a ramp near top bridge is still closed after this huge tanker too you are in camden county. the truck was carrying 8,000 gallons of gas when it crashed yesterday. no one was seriously hurt but again many use that thoroughfare. jillian mele has a closer look at the impacts. >> reporter: good morning to you. route 90 the betsy ross bridge with the ramp to 130 remains closed as a result of the tanker fire yesterday. you can take the tacony-palmyra bridge. we are not reporting any problems there this morning.
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i would suggest sticking to the tacony-palmyra bridge for the morning. route 73 at route 130, 73 is looking good and so does 130. new from overnight, police are investigating a stabbing inside dave & buster's on penn's landing. we have not been told what the condition is of the victim or what led to the stabbing. and fire destroyed a home in gloucester county along back creek road in swedesboro. no one was at home. crews whatted to bring in heated tankers to fight the fire because it was so cold. 4:35 now, rowan university students are worried a new program will make the on-campus housing shortage worse. that's because rowan university will roll out the rowan choice program. now that gives students the option to attend classes at either school while living on the glassboro campus.
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the school converted two-person rooms to three-person rooms to deal with the housing shortage. this morning people living in one montgomery county are celebrating a victory to keep a farmer's market from leaving town. they decided to move the farmer's market down the street from the current location because the owner of the building that houses the farmer's market is planning to close the current building. so members of the community started a campaign to keep it from leaving the town. and a high-ranking u.s. official says he lied and he's sorry. >> still ahead, the member of the president's cabinet who admits he wasn't truthful to the american people. and a change in plans. the big philadelphia event that says the pope is forcing them to pick up and move. and an unusual blockage in a florida storm drain. still ahead, the team effort to rescue more than a dozen manitees from the pipe. ♪ i ♪
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we continue to follow this breaking news story. a little girl has been taken from her home. police say michael trotta has taken the 3-year-old little girl girl. matt delucia told us that a tow truck just arrived on the scene. we have not talked to police to find out why that is there, but we just learned the amber alert has been extended into ohio now. take a good look at the picture of the girl and of trotta we have and the car. here's a car that trotta took off in, a 1989 mazda with the
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tags of 247457. if you see them call police. and an oil tanker crashed yesterday going from route 90 to route 130 in penssauken. testifies car it was carrying 8,000 gallons of fuel. >> if the industry conditioned hold itself accountable right now, how can we hold them higher to a broader more energy hub. >> that ramp will be closed at least through today because it likely needs to be repaved. crews are still monitoring air quality and ground contamination in that area. meantime, the families who were evacuated for most of yesterday are back in their homes. we knew when we saw the intensity of that explosion that road would be closed for some time. >> it's still out there this morning and jillian mele will tell us how to get around it. >> good morning. this is going to pose a problem for a lot of drivers making
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their way to new jersey this morning. the betsy ross bridge there, route 90 to 130 is closed. as we mentioned, that ramp is expected to be shut down for the day. take the tacony-palmyra as your alternate. and this is the betsy ross bridge. right at the base of the bridge at route 130 is where we have the ramp restrictions. this is the tacony-palmyra bridge. this is route 130. if you're trying to access route 130, the tacony-palmyra is the way to go. leave yourself extra time because no matter which bridge you see, you could see additional volume. even with a ramp things can start to back up. for drivers in the lehigh valley, nothing major there. this is a live look at route 22 at route 309. 4:41 and we are watching the numbers come down this morning. 10 right now in philadelphia. the record for philadelphia is 2
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degrees. we probably won't get there, but other areas are already in record territory this morning. and as you can see these numbers are just plain cold. pottstown, 1 degree below zero. west chester, you're at 4 degrees. 1 below in glenmoore and in chester springs. cold all around with clear skies. so we'll see sunshine today. there is so much cold around it's going to keep any storm system for our area way to the south. and, in fact that's where it is this morning. the storm is across the south stretching to the south because the cold has pushed it farther to the south. that's going to stay out of here today. but the temperatures are going to be very slow to warm up. we'll see bright sunshine by 1:00 this afternoon and 21 degrees. then it will be climbing into the middle 20s. but that is it. so not a big warm up but we will see plenty of sunshine.
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and the wind stays light. southerly 5 to 8 miles an hour. warmer weather arrives over the weekend. saturday, 33 degrees with sunshine. then clouds on the increase on sunday. we'll have a high of 40 degrees. wet weather into next week is a possibility sunday night and monday morning. look at the seven-day forecast when i'm back ten. this winter isn't just setting records for how cold it's been. >> still ahead, the utility that says it's pumping out energy at record levels. plus we continue to follow breaking news on an amber situation out of delaware across the region now. a live picture here from the scene in new castle county. you're watching a vehicle being towed away by police there. pay close attention to that vehicle. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene and will tell us why this is a big clue in the disappearance of the 3-year-old girl.
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we have some breaking news here. the car that police werea-6/ looking for in this amber alert. the gray mazda license plate matches what they were looking for earlier. and now we have pictures of the two individuals, the father 39-year-old michael trotta and his 3-year-old daughter elinor. both are still missing at this point. but police are out here on stockton road. and this is the tow truck that just drove away a few moments ago. we'll try to get more information, but that vehicle that they were looking for that they believe was headed to new york city was found here not far away from this scene. this is just up the road from where that abduction happened last night. so again, we're going to try to get more information here.
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in fact, the tow truck is coming around right now and we may be able to give you a better look of this vehicle. i'm going to have my photographer pan over right now as the tow truck drives by. you can see right there, that license plate matches what police were looking for, that gray mazda, that they believe this father and daughter were traveling in when they went missing. so again, right now the two are still missing and believe this 3-year-old girl is in imminent danger. the amber alert is now in effect for delaware, new jersey and within the past 30 minutes we have learned that it's extended to ohio. again, i'm going to try to get you new information. live in new castle, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news".." and new this morning, two families are claiming that administrators didn't protect
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their children from an alleged child abuser. the lawsuit was filed by two 8-year-old girls alledgedly abused by a former teacher. the family's lawyer said administrators failed to check police records to show previous complaints of abuse. >> the lawsuit requires the recording by adults of suspicious activity of adults by other children. it's as simple as that. when that happens, these kinds of events don't happen. >> now he's awaiting sentencing after pleading no contest to charges involving at least nine students. it's 4:48 and we have new information about an ambulance crash in magnolia we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. we have now learned the man in the car involved in the accident died and we have learned the car was stolen. this happened around 5:00 yesterday morning on route 70. police are still investigating what caused the crash. and 4:48 now. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is working to find a solution to the standoff to
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threaten to cut off homeland security funding by friday. the senate republicans have been trying to get a house approved bill passed to block president obama's executive action on immigration. mcconnell is now suggesting that those two issues be split as a separate vote. spending for the department of homeland security will run out at friday at midnight if congress fails to pass the spending bill. and the secretary of veterans affairs is apologizing for making a clear that he admits wasn't true. bob mcdonnell said he served in the special forces that aired during a segment on cbs last month. now he admits that it was inaccurate and apologized yesterday. mcdonnell says he remains committed to reform the v.a. the veterans affairs website says he's an army veteran who completed ranger training. president obama chose him to take over the scandal-plagued v.a. last year. and 4:49 now. a single mother of four from north carolina stepped into the spotlight to claim her powerball
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winnings. >> she's one of three winners of this month's $564 million jackpot. marie holmes happily accepted that huge check yesterday taking the lump sum of $127 million. she currently lives in a mobile home with her four children all under the age of 7. one has cerebral palsy. she says she still doesn't believe it. >> it's not going to change the person i am but it's just going to change our situation, like financially, like we're going to be able to have our own everything. we don't have to worry about staying here or there. it's just going to be very fortunate for them. >> holmes said she may go back to college to get her degree and plans to travel and said she's never been outside of the united states. it's a frigid start and it's plenty cold.
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right now in philadelphia, 10 degrees. the record is 2. so that looks to be safe. trenton is 6 degrees currently above the record of 2 degrees below zero. but wilmington is getting very close. the record is 6. right now it's 8 degrees. we already have record territory for allentown and reading. new records there, but atlantic city, 4 degrees above the record. that one could come down to the record low this morning. so plenty of cold all the way around, whether we hit the record or not. well below zero in the pocano mountains. this is the view from camelback. we'll see lots of sunshine. the radar is showing what we are missing as a result of the cold. the high pressure is so strong to keep snow and rain to our south, but this may be messing with travel plans for people on the move into the south. for today, lots of sunshine. and the temperatures will be warming into the low to mid-20s this afternoon where normally this time of the year you can add 20 degrees to those numbers. that's where we should be.
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the winds will be warmer tomorrow afternoon. it's not as cold tomorrow morning. 18 in the, mo. 37 degrees is the high temperature on wednesday. plenty of sunshine on wednesday. in fact dry for the rest of the workweek. 26 thursday. very cold on friday morning. and another round of morning cold on saturday. saturday afternoon after a frigid start we'll warm to 33 degrees. cloud on the increase along with a temperature on sunday. and some areas north and west monday morning may see a mix, but a storm system mainly gives us rain monday and it looks like it will be into tuesday as well with temperatures looking a lot better than they are right now. eight minutes before 5:00 right now to get you ready to head out the door. we'll get you updated on the roads. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele tells you what to expect when you head out the door this morning. >> most of the majors are quiet, especially in chester county. 202 looks good and the route 30 bypass is looking good. route 100 no issues there. this is a quiet route 100 at
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route 113. nothing to deal with as far as the chester county majors go. if you are traveling the betsy ross bridge we still have a lane restriction as a result of that tanker fire that happened yesterday. i'll give you all the details plus an alternate route coming up at 5:00. this is amazing video here. rescuers managed to free 17 manitees who were stuck in a storm drain in florida. crews say the manitees became trapped in a drainage culvert in a neighborhood south of cape canaveral. rescuers brought in heavy equipment to get the manitees out. now rain was in the forecast for that area and there were fears of them drowning in the water, but the manitees were brought out and released to safe water where they belong. a popular philly race rerouting its annual event but not because of the course causing problems. we'll tell you the reason for rescheduling. and the utilities say they are pumping out historic amounts
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of energy. and we continue to follow breaking news out of new castle this morning. nbc 10's matt delucia just bringing us a breaking development in that case. police have found the vehicle at the center of an amber alert, but they still haven't found the 3-year-old girl who they say was taken violently at the hands of her father last night. matt will update us in a live report moments ahead. stay tuned. wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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it is four minutes before 5:00. construction is expected to begin in april for a $650 pipeline to stretch through new jersey and pennsylvania. according to the department of environmental protection has a public hearing that was held in princeton last night. it will run through princeton and montgomery new mexico. it will transport gas to help heat about 2 million homes. well, if you think this winter is one of the coldest you remember you're probably right. last week peco said the demand for natural gas broke its record which was set last winter. peco said the system handled the
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extra demand well but she warned customers should make sure their home energy use is efficient. who is she? i'm assuming a peco spokeswoman. to keep costs down fill drafty windows and doors. with nothing else use a rolled up blanket to close off the unoccupied windows and adjust your registers so warm air flows across the floor. and keep the thermostat at a constant level of about 68 to 70 degrees. this winter's frigid temperatures have kept the philadelphia water department very busy. the water main breaks and leaks have some crews working 16 to 20 hours a day. look at the numbers here. so far there have been close to 400 water main breaks this winter. that's an average of five a day. and that number is actually down from last winter when there were 529 breaks. state regulators consider the philadelphia gas lines risky and families in one neighborhood are worried that pjw is not doing enough.
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investigative reporter mitch blacker as more on this story you'll see at 4:00. >> reporter: it happened before. a gas line exploding in philadelphia. now the local neighborhood fears it's in danger. >> i am worried about it. >> do you smell it? >> reporter: yes, i do. with natural gas in the air, state regulators are concerned. >> the bottom line is those pipes keep us up at night. >> reporter: with a plan that will take decades to complete they are sick of answering questions about the gas mains that the spokesman says is safe. in a perfect world, would you replace the mains tomorrow? >> in a perfect world, absolutely. >> that was mitch blocker reporting for the nbc 10 investigators. getting action for a neighborhood living with a gas leak for almost two weeks now. and they asked pgw why more can't be done. and now to a story we broke on, the pope's visit to our area is prompting a date change for one of philadelphia's most popular running races.
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organizers tell nbc 10 they are rescheduling the rock and roll half marathon for halloween. the official announcement is expected today. the race is usually run on the third sunday in september but as you know this year that is five days before pope francis arrives in philadelphia. that will be a lot of people. >> it will just give the runners more time to prepare for the race. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. car recovered. nbc 10 was live just 15 minutes ago as police towed away a car wanted in connection with an amber alert. this morning they are still looking for the 3-year-old girl elinor trotta and her father michael trotta. her father took elinor from her home and could be headed to new jersey, new york or ohio. this morning they are worried she could be in imminent danger. matt delucia is live in new castle. >> matt, police say this all started about ten hours ago. still no sign of the girl but
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you just brought us a keep development a few minutes ago on live television. they found the car that they thought the father and daughter were in. this has to be a big step back for police. >> reporter: absolutely chris and tracy. i just got off the phone with delaware state police a few minutes ago and they say they are working on a possible new description for a vehicle because, of course the one they were looking for all night was found here just about a half mile up from where this abduction took place. i'm going to get out of the way just to give you an idea of where we are right now. this is stockton drive. it's a small development. this is a little bit north of that apartment complex where this abduction happened. you can still see there are police stationed out here for the time being. a little bit less activity than we have seen in the past 90 minutes. but at this point, we do have some video of the tow truck that had pulled up here. at first we just saw the police officer out here shining


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